Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Welcome to my new blog. This is an up and coming method of communication, so I'm trying it out. Certainly, many readers have asked when my new book is coming out, what is going on with The Gift Horse, and just what is going on with my writing career, so I hope to keep readers apprised via this method.

The Gift Horse has sold well, but it has been out since February 2004, so sales are naturally declining, and I am working on a few other projects. My second "finished" manuscript, a speculative novel with romantic elements, is under serious consideration by a publisher, so I'll let you know via this blog and my website if and when the contract is signed.

Publishers like to read a summary of a novel prior to reading the manuscript, so the synopsis I wrote for Trinity on Tylos is here— hopefully, this will let you know what this new book is about.

Synopsis of Trinity on Tylos

What sacrifices must an officer make to save her shipmates from certain doom? Venice Dylenski, the young security chief of the colonizing ship, Excalibur, is faced with this dilemma after her captain makes a critical error in judgment in an encounter with an alien with superior fire power and a hidden agenda.

Trinity on Tylos opens with a tense scene as Venice experiences an embarrassing moment on a survey mission, one which rules out yet another planet as a hospitable home for their colony. While continuing its search, the Excalibur encounters the Archeons, an alien race characterized by gray-blue skin and a facility for language. The interchange results in Venice and a crewmate, Alathea Duke, being taken captive by the mysterious Archeon captain, Azareel. In short order, he informs them that they will play a critical role in revitalizing his dying race, that of surrogate mothers to genetically engineered Archeon offspring.

Venice, reluctant "to be the next Archeon soccer mom," strives to escape, but her companion seems all too willing to cooperate with their captor. Thus the stage is set for multiple conflicts between human and Archeon, human and human, and humanoids verses the hostile environment of their new planetary home in the Tylos star system.

Trinity on Tylos has the elements of a good space opera: complex characters faced with myriad problems to solve, set in a future where man may have escaped the bounds of his solar system, but not the bonds of human emotions.

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At May 18, 2005, 7:28:00 PM, Blogger Sun Singer said...

Hi Pam,

Welcome to the world of the web log. I hope the publisher likes the synopsis of your new novel and snaps it up (along with movie rights, foreign rights, etc.).

Have fun blogging!



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