Saturday, July 16, 2005

New hope for eBook authors

While cruising around the Sci Fi channel's really excellent website, I read a favorable review of Linnea Sinclair's Finder's Keepers, which I bought a few years ago as a pdf file (that is, an eBook) published by NovelBooks, Inc. Here's the link to the review:

Finder's Keepers is "new" in a mass market paperback edition, and I wish the author much success as she bridges the gap between the fringe market of eBooks and traditional publishing. This book is a lighthearted futuristic romance and deserves to find a larger audience than it had when it was just a download away. In an earlier post, I examined the role of eBooks in modern publishing, so I won't rehash that here.

My new novel has been accepted by an eBook publisher. I'm glad that Whiskey Creek Press offers trade paperbacks as well, so I can purchase those for resale at booksignings and so forth, but I hope that people who don't know me will purchase
Trinity on Tylos for the same reasons that I purchased Sinclair's book— because it looked like a fun read. I've never met Ms. Sinclair, but I've enjoyed several of her books, and I see the publication of Finder's Keepers by a New York house as a reminder that the original publisher isn't always the only publisher.

Also, I'm glad that futuristic romance is becoming a genre recognized by larger publishers. I've been reading them for some time, but some publishers and authors are bringing this genre into the mainstream. Susan Grant's books, published by Dorchester, are among those which are finding a large audience.

So check out Sinclair's book and the Sci Fi channel's website, especially the reviews and letters.

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