Monday, April 06, 2009

Self Publishing Success

The stigma still exists, but CNN just published an article on the continuing rise in self publishing. One of my author-friends has mentioned that very little fiction is being accepted by publishers (large or small) due to economic woes. That just makes print on demand and e-publishing more attractive than ever. As this article points out, conventional publishing wastes resources and frustrates writers. And, as more college educated, experienced people are out of work, they can put their time into writing.

I was especially taken with the success of Lisa Genova's Still Alice, which she self-published prior to being offered a contract with one of the big six. Take a look at the article for details about this author's journey from rejection to best seller, with a little help from a print on demand publisher.

While I have not found the success that some authors have found via POD, publishing The Gift Horse did give me plenty of opportunities to interact with readers, book sales in the hundreds, and some good reviews, including one from the Midwest Book Review.

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