Saturday, February 04, 2006

More Q and A

Trinity on Tylos was officially released on February 1, and already it is on the "hot title" list at WCP. For the locals, it will be a few weeks before I have printed books on hand to do any promotions in this area. While I'm getting those plans together (and I really am working on doing those) I'll fall back on some of my "prepared" questions and answers. Prior to doing my stint as Love Romances Author of the Day, I made a list of common questions and had ready answers. Most of these weren't asked by the moderator or guests, so I'll use them here.

What is your ideal hero/heroine?

I like to write about people who are realistic, but I often place them in surreal situations. I’ve noticed that many other writers do the opposite— that is, they create larger than life characters and have them interact with boring and mundane situations. Either way, conflicts are bound to ensue, and most people read fiction to see how those conflicts are resolved.

What is your perception of romance genre today rather than 10 years ago?

Over the years, I’ve read romance sporadically, but it would seem that ever more sensual characters and situations are the most remarkable trend, and one which continues to change the genre.

Do you prefer writing in 1st person or 3rd person?

I like both. One of my favorite sci-fi novels uses them alternately, but when I tried it in an early effort, my editor said to stick to 3rd person b/c it is easier to write well. By and large, that is true, but I think 1st person is better for creating memorable main characters.

Do any of your characters have any of your personality quirks or other people's quirks?

All fiction writers base their characters on something. Mine are most often composites of people I have known. Most of my characters have flaws, sometimes a lot of them, and that’s because real people are like that. I’ve based characters on people I knew in college and people I have worked with, but so loosely, that I don’t think anyone would recognize them.

Do you find it difficult to write love/sex scenes?

Somewhat, but I do have two children, neither of whom are adopted. I don’t usually write graphic sex scenes, but I don’t have any problem with reading them, or with those who choose to write that way. Actually, I’m glad that with so many books and writers, there is something for every person’s taste.

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At Feb 4, 2006, 4:51:00 PM, Blogger Michele said...

I was just cruising using the "next blog" button and I found you.
I'm a rather big fan of romance books, sci-fi, suspense, paranormal and recently , regencies. Embarassed to admit this, but I've not read any of your books. But that can be corrected. I like your blog though.
I read quite few posts and realized some of what you wrote about, could have been me.
Like having kids late. Married 11 years before I had my first.
The old Avengers with Emma Peal was so..Wow! Years ago, A&E ran the series and I taped every one I could get. Still love it to this day. Can't get my kids interested though. LOL
I remember when Star Wars came out. And the year later when Battlestar Galactica came on and was pre-empted by Jimmy Carter and..was in Answar Sadat? And that other guy with the pirate patch on his eye.
Those were the good old days, inasmuch that many tech advances were being made in movies which enhanced our veiwing experience. The movies of today pay homage to the groundbreaking techniques done since the late 70's.

I hope the next time you have a chat, there'll be more fans there to question and interact with you. The very first author chat experience I've had was only 3 weeks ago. There were only 5 of us. Last week was the second and there were 8. I guess it grows in baby steps.
Happy blogging and writing. And I'll check out your books!

At Feb 5, 2006, 12:24:00 PM, Blogger Pamela J. Dodd said...

Hi Michele,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that you identify with some of the topics I've explored via this blog.

One reason I've been blogging is to have a repository of ideas for my speeches, but I also hope that people like you will find something of interest and want to read my fiction.

I'll be the Whiskey Creek Press author of the week beginning March 20th. Please consider joining the WCP readers group on Yahoo and participate.

At Feb 5, 2006, 1:07:00 PM, Blogger Michele said...

I just ordered my very first Whiskey Creek Press ebook not too long ago; Private Dancer by Ann Corey.
I became acquainted with her via us both leaving comments on a mutual LJ site. She mentioned her book, I looked it up and once I realized it was my kind of story, bought it.
I think I just answered the question that I've seen other author's chat about; whether or not having a blog can increase sales. In Ann's case. Yes.
I looked for you through my library system, but couldn't locate your books. Are you e-published?
If so, then that would make sense as to why I didn't see your name listed.
I think I'll mosey on over to Whiskey Creek and look there.
Also, I appreciate the March 20th invite. I'll mark it on my calendar.

At Feb 5, 2006, 8:13:00 PM, Blogger Pamela J. Dodd said...

My books are available as eBooks and as paperbacks, but from small (really small) publishers.

My first novel, The Gift Horse, is available as a trade paperback from various internet vendors and as an eBook from Booklocker. Trinity on Tylos is available as a trade paperback or as an eBook from the publisher, Whiskey Creek Press. WCP will get the paperback listed at Amazon's zShops and the eBook will be listed with Fictionwise, but they are released on the publisher's site and the other places take a few weeks.

I hope you are able to find the books and like them.


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