Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pam’s Week in Publishing

The president of the Braselton Friends of the Library sent me an invitation to their dedication ceremony for the new library on Wednesday. I was a “Lunch and Learn” speaker at one of their meetings some time back, and it was really wonderful to see the new facility complete. Many of the attendees were politicians, of course, but I am sure the regular folks will soon be enjoying it. Now, those political people need to buy a few more books. I did see a well worn copy of The Gift Horse tucked away on a bottom shelf.

On Saturday, I paid a visit to Tut’s Book Emporium in Lilburn for a booksigning. Thanks to Katy, Greg, and Megan for their warm welcome. Tut is a friendly fellow as well, and he seemed to like my plastic book carrier more than anything else. I am going to post a “photo gallery” of that visit on my website soon. Katy has quite a lot of product knowledge, and we had a really nice chat about trends in current fiction.

Next on my schedule is a visit to 8th grade language arts classes here in Jefferson. I’m going to talk about my writing process, hoping to inspire some young minds to do more than the minimum necessary to pass class assignments. That will be a challenge, but I one that I welcome. Some kids think only geeks write, and while some (geeks, that is) do, I suppose, mastery of the written word can open quite a few doors. Having been a quarterback in high school will only get you so far in life, you know!

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