Friday, October 26, 2007

Telling You Where to Go

(on the web, that is.)

I have a number of links on my website, but here are some others which readers of Pam’s Pages just might enjoy. This list is almost as eclectic as I am.

For fans of horror, dark science fiction, dark fantasy, and poetry along those lines, you might find this spot worth your time: Aberrant Dreams is both a print magazine and a webzine.

Author and archivist Nina M. Osier has amassed quite a few reviews on her website. Science fiction is one of her main interests, but not the only one. I’ve found numerous titles which I have enjoyed on her list of reviews.

A few people may be so well-heeled that being careful with money isn’t necessary, but the rest of us want to make the most of what we have. Atlanta radio show host Clark Howard helps with that more than any other media resource. To “save more, spend less, and avoid being ripped off” take a look at his site. Visitors will find lots of help in Clark’s Greatest Hits, but I prefer the show notes.

At a loss for words? Readers will find many quotes, famous and not-so-famous here:

The professor on Gilligan’s Island seemed to know how everything worked. I’ll never have his knowledge, but I think even he might have learned something at How Stuff Works, a site which is fun to research or just browse. Recent front page articles included “How Nanotechnology Works,” “How the U. S. Postal Service Works,” and “How Mummies Work” which must be a Halloween favorite.

Like to read? Do you like to stretch your brain with an occasional quiz? Then visit First Lines, a collection of opening lines from books in various genres. “Venice Dylenski had measured the possibility of losing hold on that transient state that human beings call life more than once, but at the moment she couldn’t recall a more painful experience” is the first line of my science fiction novel, Trinity on Tylos. It isn’t featured in the quiz just yet, but I’m sure they’ll add it with the next site update.

Now you have some places to go, but do come back to Pam’s Pages for more-or-less weekly entries on who knows what.

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