Monday, October 06, 2008

Checking in

I've been bad about not updating Pam's Pages of late. Four factors have contributed to my hiatus from the web.

First, I had "end of the quarter" duties at my technical college, which included grading a good sized stack of research papers.

Second, my son wore out his welcome at the local public school, so I have begun the "homeschooling" experience. I must say that the Hall County Home Educators have been a blessing in this endeavor. Those folks have provided advice, contacts, and they have a nifty drama club which my son is enjoying.

Third, and most significant, is my decision to have arthroscopic knee surgery between quarters. While not major surgery, in fact mine was done as an outpatient, I have had some difficulty with the recovery. The enemy of this type of surgery is swelling, and there has been a fair amount of that. My doctor promised that I could return to work if I had a "sedentary" job, but apparently mine is not sedentary enough. I've been on crutches, which makes it difficult to do many things, from grocery shopping to cooking. And certainly, it isn't easy to get upstairs to my circa 1999 PowerMac G4 desktop computer.

Finally, the reason I need that old G4 is that my new Macbook Pro is dead, and Peachmac in Athens has had trouble getting a logic board from Apple to complete the warranty repair. When I am downstairs, I am using an old Dell laptop that belongs to hubby, and it is not equipped with the latest software.

I am in hopes that I will soon ditch my crutch, finish up physical therapy, be able to stand for an appreciable amount of time, that Apple will fix my notebook computer, and that certain educators will, as one presidential candidate stated, "find a new line of work." Just now, I will keep on keeping on. I did get manage to read some good books while I have been sitting around, so I will be talking about some of those soon.

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