Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping for Nerds and Geeks

Someone once commented on my YouTube video, entitled A Brief History of Science Fiction, with this profundity, "Nerds." Actually, I don't think I am quite smart enough to be a nerd or a geek, but I viewed it as a compliment never-the-less. As Christmas approaches, I have begun making my list, and I sometimes get shopping information and sales pitches which appeal to the wee bit of N/G in me.

For fans of Star Trek, please check out There are some seriously cool gift items there, including new shirts based on the 2009 new interpretation of Star Trek. Add a pair of black pants over short black leather boots, and you are ready to save the universe. N/G types with deeper wallets can also purchase props, from a tri-corder to a command chair. The latter goes for three grand, but how many folks can sit in that chair and order up warp drive?

More practical, but still kinda geeky and nerdy is the online vendor, Cyberguys. They have boring and mundane computer gear, such as bigger and better hard drives and enough cables to decorate your house and your yard, but they also have nifty "security" items, such as keyloggers and wireless video cameras. Anyone can become a private investigator with a bit of gear from this vendor. I must admit that an early Cyberguys catalog was the source for some of the gadgets which are used by the kidnappers in my debut novel, The Gift Horse.

Finally, for the smart shopper (take that either way) there is always Where else can you get a Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter or a Star Wars light saber laser pointer? For more off-beat geeks, this vendor also has Bacon soap and a Staple Free Stapler. One of my friends suggested it to me, so maybe I am more nerdy and geeky than I think I am.

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At Dec 5, 2010, 3:58:00 PM, Blogger Carl V. said...

Speaking of geek gifts, have you seen these:

They are so fun I had to buy myself a set as well as my daughter's boyfriend. They are pretty reasonable and look to be a fun stocking stuffer. I have a feeling I'll be ordering more for friends before Christmas finally rolls around.


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