Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Buy or Worst Buy?

Last week, I needed to recycle a television. Our local government sponsors recycling, and they'll take old paint and motor oil, but they won't take a television. Knowing that e-waste is a huge problem for our planet, I got hubby and son to put the malfunctioning behemoth in my van, to the only local spot for television recycling— Best Buy. It took talking to five different people to get the television out of my van and into the store, because each person I spoke with told me to see someone else.

After I finally got my ten dollar "gift card" which is what I got when I paid ten dollars in federal reserve notes for them to take the television, I looked for something to buy with it, because I didn't know anyone that I dislike enough to give them a gift card from BB. Finding anything to buy was really difficult, it seems that Best Buy really doesn't have many good buys. I asked yet another of the blue clad employees, if there might be a cheaper case for an iPad than the thirty dollar one I finally found. The response was, "You just said Apple and 'cheap' in the same sentence. Hah!" I guess they don't like Apple products. Or price conscious customers. So, I took the case to check-out. After all, it was only twelve dollars more than at Amazon, so it was one of the better buys in the store. It snapped on as it should, and since it has no electronic parts, it should serve its purpose.

Actually, I am just glad that I didn't need a repair. Over the years, I have been fortunate that my Apple products don't need much repair, and when they do, the Geek squad doesn't work on Apple computers. Thank goodness.

Any of you seen this one yet?

Or this one?

Good ol' Best Buy needs a new name, doesn't it?

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