Thursday, June 30, 2005

Progress Toward Publication

The publisher at WCP has given me a release date of February, 2006, for Trinity on Tylos, and requested that I write the “back cover blurb,” the dedication, and some descriptions of characters for the cover artist.

Writing the dedication and character descriptions was fairly easy, but with a 150 word limit, doing the back cover blurb was a bit of a challenge.

Take a look at my final draft and see what you think:

Enamored with her lover, yet governed by her sense of duty, Venice Dylenski, security chief of the colonization vessel Excalibur, has a fascinating, satisfying life. But the Excalibur is about to encounter Azareel,an alien captain with superior firepower and a hidden agenda.

While seeking a home for human colonists, the crew of the Excalibur meets the Archeons, who take Venice and a companion captive. In short order, Azareel informs his prisoners that they will play a critical role in revitalizing his dying race, that of surrogate mothers to genetically-engineered Archeon offspring.

Venice, reluctant "to be the next Archeon soccer mom," strives to escape, but her companion seems all too willing to cooperate with their captor.

Trinity on Tylos has complex characters faced with myriad problems to solve, set in a future where man may have escaped the bounds of his solar system, but not the bonds of human emotions.

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