Thursday, May 18, 2006

For fans of Science Fiction Romance

If you are new to romantic science fiction, and some of the folks who have read Trinity on Tylos are, then what comes next? I could write a lengthy essay on romantic science fiction, and I’ve already commented on it from time to time here, but what books might my readers like if they wish to check out offerings in this subgenre of fiction?

I used to be frustrated by what was available to read, whether the source was the local library or a bricks and mortar store, because they all seem to feature the same few authors from the big New York publishers. First and foremost, the internet is a great resource for recommendations and vendors of books that you might not find otherwise.

Here are some books from my keeper shelf, in no certain order, except I have divided them with those primarily available in print first and eBooks second. Also, I tend to like more science fiction and less romance, but most of these offer a blend of the two genres.

•Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Conflict of Honors, Agent of Change, Carpe Diem (all 3 are in the omnibus called Partners in Necessity)
•Catherine Asaro’s Skolian Empire Series-- to begin, try SkyFall or The Last Hawk; also check out the stand alone title, The Veiled Web
•Elizabeth Moon, Remnant Population, and her Heris Serano series
•David Weber, Path of the Fury, Apocalypse Troll, and the early Honor Harrington books
•Susan Grant, Contact
•Linnea Sinclair, An Accidental Goddess
•C. J. Barry, Unearthed and its sequels
•Catherine Spangler, Shielder and its sequels
•S. L. Viehl, StarDoc and its sequels
•Anne McCaffrey, Freedom’s Landing and its sequels
•Lois McMaster Bujold, Shards of Honor and Barrayar (available as an omnibus edition called Cordelia’s Honor and as eBooks) as well as the excellent short story, The Mountains of Mourning, available from Baen Books Free Library
•Angela Verdenius, Love’s Sweet Assassin, Heart Of An Outlaw
•Myra Nour, Love’s Captive (this is rather sensual)

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