Sunday, May 13, 2007

Want to know more about writing?

I’m always looking for great resources for myself and for other writers and wannabes, so I have a couple to share this week. One is online, and for the other one, you will need to either live in northeastern Georgia or be willing to travel here for a long weekend. Hey, this is a nice spot for a mini-vacation, so do consider it.

Authors Victoria Strauss and A.C. Crispin maintain a Writer Beware blog which goes along with their Writer Beware website, and it offers up-to-date information for writers of all levels of experience, but since newbies are often the ones who fall prey to scammers, anyone new to seeking publication should visit and revisit this blog. The authors have links to their latest publications, which is natural, and links to other helpful resources. I was especially impressed with their “two thumbs down” lists of agents and publishers to avoid. If you are remotely interested in writing for publication or in the publishing business, pay a visit to this one.

I recently received a brochure from the newly resurrected Harriette Austin Writer’s Conference, which will be held in July in Athens, Georgia. This conference was the first stop on my own journey toward publication, and the new website looks better than ever. The featured speakers for this year’s conference are Terry Kay, Ralph McInerny, and Peter Reinhart. Among those presenting at small groups is Bob Mayer, one of my favorite conference speakers, and a jim-dandy writer of science fiction and military fiction thrillers. This event is held at the UGA Continuing Education Center on the campus of the University of Georgia. If you are new to writing or want to advance your skills, this is great place to begin.

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