Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Best Fried Green Tomatoes in the World

This blog is about lighter subjects, such as books, films, and other entertainment. Indeed, since one of hubby’s constituents complained “your wife shouldn’t be writing stuff like that online,” I have largely left out references to his work or mine, or to friends and family, unless those friends are fellow writers and/or bloggers. However, this entry is serious.

In the south, we don’t just enjoy good food, we come mighty close to worshiping it. Certain dishes are quintessentially southern, and none more so than fried green tomatoes. Yes, I know of a book (and movie) with that in the title, and they were quite good. However, that’s merely entertainment. No, I am talking about the food, which is entertainment and much more.

During the past week, I accompanied friends and family to the Blue Willow Inn, a beautiful restaurant in historic Social Circle, Georgia. Our reservation was for 12:30 in the Grizzard room, named for humorist and writer Lewis Grizzard, who helped put the Blue Willow on Georgia’s culinary map. The Inn has beautiful grounds with flowers, and this room overlooks the garden. The decorations include memorabilia from the University of Georgia, which was more than Grizzard’s alma mater, and framed covers from his books adorn the walls. Better yet, it is right next door to the room which serves as the buffet. However, of all the delicious dishes I ate, the one which stands out is fried green tomatoes. This is a delicacy which I sometimes cook for various unnamed family members, and those family members seem to really like mine. I’ve never cooked any which compared to those at the Blue Willow Inn. Even if you don’t like the fried green tomatoes (and I can’t imagine that) there are many reasons to try this repository of the best southern cuisine, including fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, and delicious pecan pie.

If you are ever in this neck of the woods, make a reservation at the Blue Willow Inn and find out why southerners are so serious about their cooking.

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