Friday, October 24, 2008 is back!

If any of you have looked at my website in the past three or four months, you have no doubt been frustrated. Me, too. When I tried to update the site, I had some space issues, so I moved it to a new web host, which went well. Then I began doing the intended updates, some really minor ones, and Dreamweaver crashed. And crashed. And crashed again. Puzzled, I kept working on it, seeking answers online and in my manuals, without success. The site was fine, but the "index" page, which most people call the home page, had issues with the navigation buttons.

Then my new Macbook Pro died. Hubby took it to Peachmac for repair. The service department there wasn't able to bring it back to life, so it had to go to Apple. The manufacturer was able to resurrect the laptop, but even a fresh install of Dreamweaver did not prevent the unexplained errors. Indeed, I have read a number of forum posts regarding problems with Dreamweaver, Intel Macs, and OSX.5. Finally, in desperation, I turned to my old faithful computer, a rock-solid 1999 model G4 tower. While not the latest, this machine was owned by a graphics design firm before I bought it, and it has been upgraded with OS X and has many graphics programs installed, including an older version of Dreamweaver. Honestly, I'm not all that technically adept, but it did not take long to download the site and repair the damage done by my other computer and its ever crashing software. Finally, the site is now back up and seems to be working as well as it did back in the summer, which was when the site was corrupted. When I am between quarters at my technical school, I will do a more thorough update, with new items which I could not use previously, due to limited server space, but for now, a working site beats a site which was not working.

Last evening, hubby and I attended a combo work/social event, and one of my readers asked, "Are you writing another book? When will it be out?" I hedged a bit and she said, "You aren't, are you?" Ah, she is a perceptive lady indeed. The answer really is "yes" and "no" because I am always writing something. I just can't help myself. But, realistically, I need to spend my time on ventures which put money into the bank, and writing has not done that for me. So I am writing, but I am not seeking a contract at this time. I'm also toying with the idea of using a new pen name, an entirely fictitious entity who can write and publish without all the strings attached. If that happens, and if this new identity gets a contract, I will have a chance to create a new website. Some of the authors I know have several identities, and they seem to manage just fine.

In the meantime, I have papers to grade, so I had best be about it.

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