Monday, August 08, 2005

Finished! (for now, that is)

I’ve spent quite a few hours in the past month working through Trinity on Tylos, which is now moving into the final editing stage. I must say that the editor assigned by Whiskey Creek Press has worked diligently on the manuscript and with me, so that this book is even better than it was when the publisher accepted it in May.

I usually have some people, not editors but ordinary readers, do a “first reading” of any manuscript before I send it out, and one of the three who read this manuscript had some difficulty keeping up with all of the characters in the first four chapters of
Trinity, which begins on a colonization ship. There are some ninety people on board, and the reader doesn’t meet all of them, of course, but I wanted to convey some of the shipboard camaraderie and rivalries which would occur in such an expedition.

The WCP editor had some similar concerns, so we reworked those chapters and are planning to include an appendix with a list of characters. Hopefully, those changes will help those who purchase
Trinity on Tylos to get into the story without frustration.

Trinity on Tylos is a multifaceted story, with complex themes, yet the plot moves along, hopefully keeping the reader entertained. Now that this phase is finished, I’m looking forward to February, when more readers get a chance to meet these characters, who have been running around in my brain for quite a while now.

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