Wednesday, July 19, 2006

“Show Me the Money!”

Romance Writer Brenda Hiatt has a page on her website with that title. Since she depends on volunteers to report the terms of their contracts and earnings, the survey isn’t really an accurate account of what writers make. The publishing industry is notorious for obscuring all sorts of numbers, from how many books are actually sold, to what authors make, and whether or not those same authors ever receive what’s due them.

As an ePublished author, I am a bit disappointed that so few such publishers are listed. Indeed, one of the ePubs listed isn’t in business anymore. However, it is really interesting to know that some books put out by ePublishers “earn out” at less than $100.00, while others reach as high as $9000. Of course, there is much more info on print publishers, including many of the traditional romance lines. If you want to know where the money is in publishing, especially in romance, take a look at her “Show me the Money” page. It really is fascinating.

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