Wednesday, December 27, 2006


As one year closes out and another begins, reflection comes naturally. I’ve met some interesting folks and done some new things, so I am glad for all that in ’06. Regarding publishing, visits with readers and science fiction fans have been fun. Meeting new authors is especially fun, and the number of other writers I’ve met has at least doubled.

Regarding the internet, I have learned that web page design isn’t always fun, and that trying to promote via the web is more of a challenge than books and articles on the subject would have one believe. However, I did set up a Yahoo group, learn a bit about YouTube, and quite a bit about podcasting. My daughter has really enjoyed listening to some of the Indie stuff on the “podsafe” audio sites. I’m still working on the “book trailer” so with any luck, I’ll be posting a link to that soon.

My goals in writing seem to be changing, primarily due to marketing woes, and I am uncertain about the ultimate fate of the novel length fiction which is lurking in my “current manuscripts” folder. I could be sending out queries, but I’ve had trouble getting motivated to do so. While Trinity on Tylos is quite a good book, garnering a “Recommended Read” from FAR and really favorable reviews at several other sites, it hasn’t sold well enough to make a getting another contract feasible.

Oh, I’ll still write, but I’m uncertain about seeking publication for my fiction. I may work on other genres, including some non-fiction, which might be easier to market, either online or via more traditional means.

There will be many predictions by modern sages for ’07, but I think it is a safe bet for me to experience a continued joy in the written word, whether on the printed page or generated via pixels on a screen. I’m certain to enjoy reading other writer’s efforts, and perhaps I’ll be reading some of my own as well.

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