Saturday, June 16, 2007

Visiting at SFSC

Last week I visited SFSC on Sunday afternoon, which was a shorter visit than I would normally make, but I had some other things going on which caused me to only show up for my slot in the dealer room and for the one panel for which I had volunteered. Of course, Sunday afternoon is the time the fewest people are in attendance, since folks from out of town have usually checked out of the hotel by then. However, I had a chance to visit with a few people, rather than merely speak with a lot of them.

Fellow speculative fiction author Christina Barber joined me for my “How to Torment Your Characters” panel. Visiting with Christina is a genuine pleasure, and I hope con goers in our area get a chance to sit in on some of her other events. Despite the late time slot, we had an audience, and I enjoyed the discussion. As we wiled away a couple of hours in the dealer room, we also chatted a bit about our favorite and least favorite con experiences. I won’t do a "tell all" post online, but from a guest’s point of view, sometimes these are rewarding events and sometimes the other con guests are a bit arrogant, especially those with bad reviews.

Hubby participated in the Atlanta Science Fiction Society’s SciFi Jeopardy contest, watched an oldie in the video room, as well as playing a few games in the video game room. He laughingly compared Frogger to trying to get a across the “Damon Gause Bypass” where it intersects with Old Pendergrass Road in Jefferson, which is the biggest traffic challenge in our hometown. We both think the frog has a better chance.

There are some other cons in this area, including the big one in ATL, DragonCon, and the showcase for Baen Books, LibertyCon in Chattanooga. Christina also told me that there is a new one starting up, Conooga, which will be in February of 2008. If you like genre related films, games, or fiction, a con can be a really fun getaway.

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At Jun 17, 2007, 1:26:00 PM, Blogger Sun Singer said...

Ya know, after all these years, I can't get rid of the old meaning of the word "con" as referring either to a confidence man, a convict, or the scam he was pulling. So, as I read of your experiences with "cons" in today's world, I have to do a little translation to keep from sending you a sternly worded noted that starts out, "Pam, for goodness' sakes, what ever are you doing?"

Glad you had fun talking with and meeting with everyone.


At Jun 17, 2007, 3:44:00 PM, Blogger Pamela J. Dodd said...

I know what you mean. When I attended my first science fiction convention, it wasn't called a con, but in the years which have gone by since then the term has become pervasive.

Christina and I have been seeking publicity via these events, and Chris has been far more successful. She is now an editor for Aberrant Dreams magazine and is seeking a publisher for her second novel.

While I didn't sell any books, I did have a good time chatting with Chris, and she suggested that we do the panel again at another such event.


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